Open Your Mouth!

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I’ve not met anyone who hasn’t learned to stifle their yawns. You know what it’s like – you feel a yawn coming on, and if you’re in company you simply will not let your mouth open wide and do a … Read More

Who knows the effects of early trauma?

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Here’s Professor Stephen Porges, referring to sexual assault allegations in the USA, Canada, the UK and elsewhere… “Whether they result in tangible consequences for the accused aggressor or not, as these high-profile cases play out in the media and the … Read More

Can You Cope With Your Feelings?

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Here’s what Dr Raja Selvam (Raja knows a thing or two) has to say: “Dr Robert Stolorow, who has co-authored many books on the inter-subjective approach to psychoanalysis … often made the point that the primary task in therapy should … Read More

New Privacy Regulations

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Bevis Nathan Associates PRIVACY POLICY A: 86 Harley Street London W1G 7HP and 14 Queen’s Square. Bath. BA1 2HN. T: 01225 311112. or 07771 863857 E: This privacy policy sets out how and why we use the information you provide. … Read More

Re-visioning Asthma

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In asthma there is both narrowing and inflammation of the lung bronchioles. The cortisol-type inhalers (‘preventers’) bring down the inflammation and the adrenaline-type inhalers (‘relievers’) promote widening of the airways. Hmm. Cortisol and adrenaline are the stress hormones. Doesn’t this … Read More

Sex is a Bonding Thing

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There’s a lot of sexual pain around. That is, most of us want to do it and a surprising number have a real problem with it. Why might this be? Consider this… The act of sex is managed by that … Read More

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