Osteopathy for babies – A good start to life

Osteopathy can provide a helpful start to a baby’s important journey into life outside the womb. Problems can be addressed and health encouraged to flower.

Benefits of Osteopathy for baby

Good health will encourage deeper bonding between mum and baby and the rest of the family, and help make life with a newborn more precious and enjoyable.‘Checking baby out’ is a good idea, even where there are no apparent problems, and can be reassuring and educational for everyone. We can help you understand whether there is a genuine health problem at all, or just a strong personality needing to get on!Grandmaother And Childs Hands About To Touch

Support for Mum

Mothers sometimes feel overwhelmed, anxious and in need of support and reassurance. They need to know if they are doing ‘the right thing’ and they need sensible, expert advice and answers as to why baby is behaving the way she is.

Your queries and concerns will be met with empathy and respect and we will give baby a thorough examination and address any problems he may be experiencing.

A good experience

Baby’s ‘Osteopathic experience’ can have an enormous settling effect on her and the whole family. For this reason, we encourage dad and other family members to come along.