Welcome. My name is Bevis.

Based in Bath, I’m a specialist in pain and post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), using Osteopathy, Somatic Experiencing, Breathing- and Affect-Retraining.

I’ve been treating patients for 37 years – working with the body – helping with persistent and complex pain, unexplained symptoms, so-called psychosomatic illnesses, breathing pattern problems, anxiety problems, fatigue syndromes and post-traumatic problems – that is, symptoms caused by shocking and overwhelming experiences in adulthood or childhood.

Most of these problems are not caused by ‘structural’ defects or disease processes. They’re caused by stuck ‘habits’ in the nervous system that prevent self-regulation and the restoration of healing and goodness in the body. After injurious, and traumatic events, portions of the nervous system become ‘frozen’ or ‘held’ in old, unresolved patterns of adrenalised activity.

I work directly with the body using osteopathy and other manual therapy techniques, but also specifically with the nervous system using Somatic Experiencing (a kind of ‘body-mindfulness’). I find this combination allows an extraordinary degree of self-healing.

Why See Me?

I take pride in my attention to detail when examining. I have an honest, no-nonsense, friendly consulting style, and a broad approach to problem solving. I always explain in full my diagnoses, my suggestions for treatment, and what you can do to help yourself. I have a great set of colleagues who I’ll recommend if I don’t think I’m right for you.

My areas of expertise are –

  • pain – muscle and joint pain, persistent pain syndromes, medically-unexplained symptoms, sports injuries and postural disorders, the treatment of pregnant women (eg pubic joint pain), babies and children (eg colic, childhood asthma and ‘growing pains’),
  • post-traumatic stress disorders – the result of shocking or overwhelming experiences (note – this is a huge category, presenting with a bewildering variety of symptoms. See the Somatic Experiencing page.)
    • I can tell you why you are getting pain, discomfort, and other symptoms and what you need to do about it.
    • I can tell you how much wear is in each joint in your body – from your toes to your jaw. For example, I can tell you whether you need a hip-replacement, or how likely you are to need one in the future.
    • I can tell you what signs of stress and fatigue your body is showing.
    • I can tell you what consequences of previous trauma are still affecting your body; for example, whether you are stuck in some kind of ‘fight/flight’ state, or frozen in some kind of ‘shut-down, disconnected state.

I can (nearly always) help you.

Please get in touch for a consultation.

Bevis Nathan.

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If you feel you'd like to chat first about how somatic experiencing and/or osteopathy might be able to help you, by all means call or email me