Osteopathy and Pregnancy

Growing a baby inside you is the most miraculous thing you will ever do – and yet it is also the most normal and natural thing. Most pregnancies can be enjoyed with little discomfort, but there are times you may need extra help.pelvicpain2

Reassurance and Support

Osteopathy for pregnancy is gentle and safe, and many women find that treatments and advice can mean a simpler and more comfortable labour. Reassurance and support can help you relish this precious time.

What can we treat?

Problems can arise during pregnancy as your body is changing in so many ways. Back pain, hip and pelvis problems, pain in the rib cage, pubic joint pain, neck strain and headaches are all fairly common. We can also often help with the emotional problems caused through hormonal and physical adjustments.

Helping you with your body’s changes

The physical changes your body undergoes are immense – from the obvious changes in weight and shape to the extra elastic tissue that allows the baby to come out!

  • You change shape
  • Your weight increases fast
  • The pressure changes inside your body cavity
  • The organs in your body cavity are reorganised
  • A lot of tissues in your body become more elastic
  • The type of exercise you can do changes
  • The amount of exercise you can do changes

All this can be a lot for the body to cope with. Osteopathy can support and help with these changes. An enjoyable healthy pregnancy will also benefit baby, even before she is born.