Who knows the effects of early trauma?

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Here’s Professor Stephen Porges, referring to sexual assault allegations in the USA, Canada, the UK and elsewhere…

“Whether they result in tangible consequences for the accused aggressor or not, as these high-profile cases play out in the media and the court of public opinion, they bring into stark relief the widespread misunderstandings of the consequences of trauma, especially of traumas that occurred decades ago and did not result in bodily injury. A significant proportion of our society cannot believe that an event occurring in adolescence, which did not lead to physical injury, could have lifelong effects influencing health and relationships. Yet, as those of us who work with survivors listen to these histories, we hear a familiar narrative that includes self-denial, self-blame, a loss of self-confidence, and a trajectory of mental health problems.”

It is not widely understood that trauma results in disruptions of; digestive processes and other manifestations of shifted physiology and autonomic function, sexuality and difficulties in forming and maintaining trusting relationships, mental and physical health challenges including sleep disturbances, feelings of despair, difficulties functioning in work environments, and feeling marginalized in society.

The research is there in black and white, and has been for years, but by gum it takes years before it filters into regular medical understanding, let alone common knowledge…

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